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2019-10-28 11:51:41


QUOT BTC POOL - starts on Monday, October 28th


- User can deposits his QUOT coins as an Safe investment
- QUOT investments are made without any trading fees and charges
- The return on investment corresponds to the return on trade of the BTC ARB Bot
- In the case of unprofitable trading, the QUOT investor does not lose his QUOT coins, but simply does not receive Profit

- The deposit amount is fixed in the BTC at a special rate: QUOT/BTC = 0,00000015 (15 sat)
- Minimum investing = 20 000 QUOT
- Deposits are accepted until the end of Sunday
- Lock period for QUOT deposits = 1 month

- Trading results are calculated weekly and published in the catalog #quot-btc-pool
- Deposits and withdrawals are made once a week during Saturday and Sunday according to the GMT time
- The user can withdraw profit in any coin convenient for him (except for the QUOT coin), which is traded on the exchange Crex24
- If the user wants to close the investment, then his QUOT coins are returned to him

For new Investors:

To make deposits in QUOT BTC POOL, write me a Private Message, I will send Your Personal QUOT Deposit Address

Good luck to all of us!


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